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This blog is dedicated to the rockband The Crash from Czech republic, which has existed since 1968 till 1971 and played mostly music from the late sixties and early seventies. In 2010, after more than 40 years the members of the band came together and again started from where they stopped in 1971. Almost complete original group was together up to 2012. Currently they play on regular basis whenever there is interest for their music. Only one original member of the band continue to play till today, namely Tomáš Stabenow - accompanying guitar. Solo guitarist Láďa Biela joined the group in 2011. In 2013 came bass guitarist Vítek Šebesta. Latest addition to the band is drummer Jiří Bavr- Lokajíček (2019). Aim of the band is to play music of those great bygone days. This blog-page was created in order to give some information about band's history and support their effort in continuing to play and bring to you latest news about the band and upcoming performances.

The Crash

The Crash

čtvrtek 1. listopadu 2012

Imitace Jimiho Hendrixe per huba (Michael Winslow)

Po kliknutí na odkaz si poslechnete parádní imitaci skladby Purple Haze od Jimiho Hendrixe. Velmi zajímavé a neuvěřitelné je, jak Michael Winslow dokáže imitovat kytaru a zvuky jen pomocí svých úst a částečně playbackem.

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